Application And Structure of Precast Pumping Station
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Application And Structure of Precast Pumping Station

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The Precast Pumping Station is the best solution to replace the old drainage pumping station. The Precast Pumping Station  is a turnkey project, and the cylinder body of the precast pumping station is made of advanced thickened medium density glass fiber reinforced plastics. The internal pump, piping, valves, instrumentation, control equipment and other accessories required by the user to provide a complete set, and after the installation of the factory. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, reliable quality, less civil work and low cost, and the volume optimization is the most remarkable characteristic.


The utility model is widely used in municipal engineering, industry or any other building which can not directly rely on gravity to discharge waste water into the sewage treatment system. Among them, the municipal drainage suitable for sewage pumping stations, drainage pumping stations, pumping stations, such as the confluence of the pumping station.


The characteristics of operation and management of Precast Pumping Station

1, the stability of the Precast Pumping Station , can ensure that the pump can be basically in the "0 maintenance" of the state;
2, the integration of Precast Pumping Station through the liquid level switch, plug sensor, pump temperature sensor, such as the collection of operating signals to achieve automatic operation of pumping stations;
3, the special controller can realize the following functions: to predict the daily flow, empty function, calculation of the sewage inflow and pumping the blocking function of overflow records, anti lock function;
4, the integration of Precast Pumping Station can realize remote centralized management: provide centralized database and network server, using GSM/GPRS for data collection, users only need a mobile phone can be connected to the Internet or computer can monitor and management of precast pumping station.


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