Celebrations of Labor Day Around The World
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Celebrations of Labor Day Around The World

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Labor Day is coming soon again, in order to celebrate this special day, each country will hold some event. But not all the countries designate May 1st, as Labor Day, their celebrating way and habits is also quite different. Let us go to see how people celebrate the Labor Day in the world.

The origin of Labor Day

Labor Day originated inChicago,USA.More than 200,000 workers inChicagohave held a strike for an eight-hour system in May 1st,1886. After hard struggle, the workers finally won. In order to commemorate the workers'movement, we designate May 1st, as the common festival of the international proletariat.

USA: the origin of Labor Day, but not in May

USAis the origin of Labor Day, but it designate the first Monday in September as Labor Day. They will have one day holiday, people will hold parades, rallies and other celebrations. In some states, people also have a picnic after the parade,some places even will put fireworks.

France: Lily Festival

InFrance,Labor Day is also named Lily Festival. Everyone will buy some Lily for their own, love and friends this day.

Lily Festival

Canada: Labor Day in September,symbolized the end of Summer.

The same withUSA,the Labor Day of Canada is also the first Monday of September. In cities such asOttawaandToronto, parades and rallies are held every year during Labor Day.

The difference is that September means the end of Summer for most Canadians.Generally, the parents will buy related school supply for the new semester of their children this day and there will also some promotions.

Russia: Parade, rally,entertainment and etc

Russiapay high attention to this special day since the origin of Labor Day.In this day, the whole country have vocation and hold various celebrations. At the same time, the local clubs also hold colorful entertainment.

Italy: No holiday, no celebration.

The European countries such asUKandFrancedesignate May 1 st, as Labor Day and most of the countries have one day holiday. Some countries set the first Monday in May for holiday according to specific condition.

ThailandandPeru:have one day holiday

Thailandwill have one day holiday this day. There will be some celebration in the Capital or some big cities, but the scale is not big. Similar withThailand,Perualso designate May 1st, as Labor Day and have one day


Germany: Dancing into May 1st

May 1st, is a special date for Germany. This day is designated as a statutory holiday. Because this day is not only the world's workers festivals, but also a traditional day forGermany.

On the eve of May 1st,Germany already begin various celebrations. The night of April 30, is the Walpurgisnacht inGermany.People dressed in costumes danced cheerfully in everydance hall ofGermany.The difference is that people usually jump is elegant waltz, tango and other "national standard dance".

 Dancing celebrations

CzechRepublic:May 1st, is also Valentine's Day

May in the Czech language is the meaning of flower month. May 1st, in Czech has double meanings,different areas of the Czech people will celebrate their own festivals at the same time.

The other meaning of May 1st,for Czech people is Valentine's Day. February 14th,as Valentine’s day for Czech only has ten years of history, but  May 1st, as Valentine’s day in

Czech has a history of several centuries. According to the Czech tradition, the girls are kissed by their loved ones under the cherry tree which is full of flowers. This will ensure that you will be more beautiful and healthy in the new year and your love will be for long time.

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