Ceramic Wet Parts for Quality Medium Duty Slurry Pumps
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Ceramic Wet Parts for Quality Medium Duty Slurry Pumps

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In Medium Duty Slurry Pumps , Wet Parts means the lining parts which contact with fluid media, usually it include impeller, volute, frame plate, throat bush. There parts will easily get corrosived or abrasived when working and get repalced every periods.

Usually the pump parts are made of iron, steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, plastic etc. For Medium Duty Slurry Pumps, they are normally made of High chrome alloy, elastomer, polyurethane, ceramic and some other customed. But High chrome alloy and elastomer are now the main material for the slurry pumps. Recent years some companies are trying to make wet parts by ceramics and many data come from labs and mills show that the ceramic wet parts can work for a longer time than high chrome alloy.

For chrome alloy material, the common type is High chrome Alloy(27%Cr), it can be used from Ph 5 to 12, and its hardness can be to HRC58, which is a very good choice for slurry control and transport. But in some conditions, the Ph may lower than 5, then we try A49, it can lower to Ph4, mostly used in FGD processing.

The elastomer are widely used in fine slurry conditions and lower Ph to 2. There are also many rubbers for different conditions, such as R08, R26, R55, S02, etc.

And recently, Polyurethane becomes popular in some conditions. It is good at corrosion and wear conditions.

What’s more, Ceramic material for Medium Duty Slurry Pumps is perfect to replace elastomers and polyurethane in some condition. High Hardness and great corrosion make it even can replace the metal impeller in some conditions.

The most important things for stopping ceramic Medium Duty Slurry Pumps to replace other ones are the price and friability. But some companies have solved these problems, that is to say some companies have made it success to manufacturing ceramic Medium Duty Slurry Pumps that can stand impact by particles in the fluid media and the pump is not such expensive.


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