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Chemical Slurry Pump

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Chemical slurry pump is engineered to withstand the rigor of applications that are both abrasive and corrosive. Intended for aggressive, continuous duty, our features and materials are the direct result of industry specific experience and many years of innovative slurry pump development.

Significant Benefits of Chemical slurry pump:

• Reliability

– Concentric casing

– Tangential discharge

– Thick wall wear allowance

– Choice of impeller design

– Rugged power frame

• Versatility

– Multiple configurations

– Multiple drive options

– Choice of materials

– Multiple shaft sealing options

– Multiple discharge orientations

• Ease of Maintenance

– Inspection holes

– Tapered shaft

– Lifting lugs

– Casing drain

– Three-part epoxy paint

Applications of Chemical slurry pump:

• Mineral processing

– Phosphoric acid and derived industries

– Aluminum (sodium aluminate, aluminahydroxide, muds)

– Calcium carbonate

– Zinc, cobalt and lead treatment

• Hydrocarbon processing

• Chemical processing

• Water resources

• Steel and primary metals processing

• General industry


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