Choosing a Wear Resistant Sump Pump
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Choosing a Wear Resistant Sump Pump

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Depending on the laws in your area, you may not need a wear resistant sump pump. For example, if your basement has never had water and has remained warm and dry, a wear resistant sump pump may not help you much. However, if the area under your house occasionally floods or feels damp and smells musty, you are likely to experience moisture ingress. In addition to other waterproofing measures, the wear resistant sump pump can make your basement healthier and protect any items and equipment you store.


One way you can check if moisture enters your home through the basement floor or wall is to attach a 2 square foot (61 cm square) piece of plastic to the surface and leave it for a day or two. If you are not sure where the moisture may go, it is best to do this in multiple locations. After a few days, check the plastic - if it is wet, you have moisture problems.

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