Coal preparation slurry pump
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Coal preparation slurry pump

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Coal washing is an integral part of coal mining and relies heavily on the movement of water and aggregate. If the process and wastewater flow are poorly managed, the coal preparation plant will be flooded and work will become dangerous or forced to close. 

Muyuan has the experience to provide you with Coal preparation slurry pump options through our extensive range of wear-resistant pumping solutions. Minimizing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime by using the right problem solution is critical to Coal preparation slurry pumps, and our fast response times mean solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

We have a catalog of different slurry pumps to meet your every need in the coal washing process.

You can rely on us to provide the highest quality Coal preparation slurry pumps. By providing products you can trust, we can help you reduce maintenance costs.

Although not maintenance-free, our Coal preparation slurry pumps are rugged and provide reliable long-term operation even in the toughest environments, including environments where slurry pump must handle a greater percentage of solids. Some of the characteristics of separating a coal preparation slurry pump from other pumps are:

1. Optimal wear resistance:

 All wetted parts are made of wear-resistant 28% ferrochrome (600 Brinell hardness tester; 71 Rockwell C) for extended service life. In addition, replaceable hardened wear plates are located on the suction side and corrosion can cause pump performance to degrade.

2. Maximum solids handling capacity

The integrated agitator fluidizes the settled solids into a slurry that makes it easier to pump and less likely to clog. The semi-open impeller handles up to 70% by weight of the abrasive solids concentration.


We supply theWe supply the world with slurry pump solutions, systems, and parts. 


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