Components of Centrifugal Slurry Pump
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Components of Centrifugal Slurry Pump

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Generally centrifugal slurry pump include three section: pump head section, pump seal section and pump drive section.

For pump head section, it includes casing, impeller, volute liner, throatbush, F.P.L Insert y ect.

Impeller is the rotating part of slurry pump, it is the part that offer the required pressure energy to the liquid. It has different types according to different criterion. For example, it has single suction and double suction according to suction criterion. At the same time, it has open impeller, close impeller and semi close impeller according to design criterion.

Casing is an air tight passage surrounding the impeller and is designed in such way that kinetic energy of the water discharge at the outlet of the impeller is converted into pressure energy before the water leaves the casing and enter the delivery pipe.

Throatbush forms a restricted clearance between the impeller and the pump. It is used for the proper alignment and proper adjustment of shaft.

For pump seal section, it includes expeller, expeller ring, stuffing box, packing, shaft sleeve, mechanical seal y ect.

Stuffing box have the function of protect the pump against leakage. When the pressure at the bottom of the chamber is below atmospheric , it prevents air leakage into the pump. When the pressure is above atmospheric , the chambers prevent liquid leakage out of the pump.

For pump drive section, it includes pump base, bearing assembly (shaft, bearing housing, bearing y ect).

Bearing housing is the part which holds the bearings in the pump and supports the pump shaft. The bearing housing also holds the lubrication oil.


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