Concept of Material Selection
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Concept of Material Selection

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Concept of Material Selection


Selection of the type of materials to be used for slurry pumping applications is not a precise procedure. The procedure must first account for all the factors (variable characteristics) of the particular slurry. The procedure must take into account the constrains imposed by the following:

a) type of pump

b) pump speed, and

c) options within the range of the models available

The basic data required to make a selection of the type of material is:

a) the particle size of the solids to be pumped

b) the shape and hardness of these solids, and

c) the corrosive properties of the "liquid" components of the slurry to be pumped.

The material selection for the pump liners and impellers is made from two basic types of materials:

a) elastomers, and

b) wear/erosion resistant cast alloys

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