Cyclone common problems and solutions
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Cyclone common problems and solutions

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Cyclone common problems and solutions





Low recovery rate gangue high calorific value

1. The underflow nozzle is smaller in diameter or unreasonable installation angle                         2. The specific gravity setting is unreasonable

1. The diameter of the underflow nozzle should be large,adjust angle or exchange

2. Reset and compare with test results,calibrating gravimeter

Unsteady pressure or pressure is no enough

1. The liquid level of combined barrel and mixing barrel is low

2. There is coal block at the inlet of the horizontal flow pipe of the mixing barrel

1. Adjust barrel position

2. Cleaning; Check if the air duct valve is closed

Cyclone leakage

1. Cyclone body connection gasket is damaged

2. The cyclone body has a leakage

1. Stop and replace the mat

2. Check the leak parts and replace the parts

The underflow contains much light material

1. Low feed pressure

2. Larger wear of outflow port

1. Raise and stabilize feeding pressure

2. Check the size of the outflow port and replace the materials

Abnormal noise in cyclone during normal operation

1. Raw coal is mixed with iron or wear-resistant bricks

1. Stop and turn on the cyclone to check and remove foreign matter

Feeding inlet, outflow port or overfolw port was blocked

1. Foreign matter was mixed in the material

2. Material size is too large

1. Open the feeding inlet, outfilw port, overflow port and clean up the blockage

2. Check the material size and adjust


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