Diamond Concentrate Slurry Pump uses
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Diamond Concentrate Slurry Pump uses

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Diamond Concentrate Slurry Pump is also known as cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump.

They are widely used in industry of mining, electrical power, metallurgy, coal, environmental, etc for transportation of abrasive solid slurry.

Mud pump, impurity pump, dredge pump and desilting pump are all belong to category of slurry pump.

Head range 6-120m, flowrate 12m3/h-3400m3/h.

Material are vary from corrosion and abrasion degree, high chrome abrosion & corrosion resistance alloy Cr27MoNi, Cr30MoNi are optional.

Diamond Concentrate Slurry Pump


Diamond Concentrate Slurry Pump advantanges are as follows:


1)High concentration, volume concentration reach to 60%, weight concentration reach to 70%;

2)Comprehensive performance is good, high head: long distance and high head transportion, single set head can reach to max 120m, and can be used in series to satisfy much higher head requirements;

3)High flow rate capacity: can be reached 3400m3/h;

4)Good passing ability:gravel pump max passing particles size is 380mm;

5)Diameter size:outlet size from 1" to 22"

6)Widely application: all slurry, mud and bad corrosive medium can be transported, widely used in industry of mining, electrical power, metallurgy,coal, construction etc.

7)High corrosion, abrasion resistance widely material optional: metal flow parts including:A05 (Cr27Mo),A33(Cr30MoNi)A49(Cr30MoNiCu)and rubber material etc. PH value 1.0-14.

8)Our company passed ISO certificate and all of our pumps pass CE certificate, comply with international standards.

9)Driving engine of motor and diesel are available;

10)Kinds of driving method satisfy different space need on site: CR, CZ, CV, ZV;

11)Energy saving and cost reducing: pump itself water conservancy design advanced and mature. In the mode of traditional direct start increasing soft start and frequency start methods, it make sure energy saving and protection devices; Adjust the speed by soft connection mode in order to achieve the maximum utilization and tower results of work.

12)Easy operation, lower noise.

 cantilever horizontal centrifugal slurry pump


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