Features of Our China Submersible Pumps for Clear Water
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Features of Our China Submersible Pumps for Clear Water

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Compare with other clear water centrifugal pumps, our submersible pumps for clear water have many advantages as follows:

1.Aluminum pump housing reduces the total weight of the unit.

2.The inlet flapper valve allows the pump case to be filled without the water flowing out of the suction opening. This reduces the priming time. The flapper also prevents siphoning after the engine is shut down. The pump case drain and fill plugs are a special plastic. They don't corrode to the case and they don't swell. They are easily removed with your fingers. O-rings back each plug for a better seal.

3.Most MuYuan centrifugal clean water pumps contain heavy-duty cast iron impellers and volutes to resist wear. In addition, the impeller is gasketed for easy impeller-volute clearance adjustment to maintain maximum pump performance. The IS series of self priming waste pumps are also equipped with replaceable stainless steel volute wear plates. Most common models include a durable, easy-to-use ceramic carbon mechanical seal. Thesubmersible pumps for clear water offer a silicon carbide mechanical seal to better withstand moderate abrasives.

4.Most models also include a full tubular frame to protect the pump from damage. The frame also provides convenient lifting points.

5.Our submersible pumps for clear water most carry a two-year limited warranty for non-commercial use.


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