Feeding chute wear liner
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Feeding chute wear liner

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Muyuan manufactures a range of feeding chute wear liners as part of its wear solution to protect your mineral processing equipment from high impact and sliding wear.

Our custom feed chute wear liners are made from a range of lining materials, including ceramics, cast basalt, rubber, magnetic and composite materials to extend the wear life of mineral processing equipment in the mining, mineral processing and power generation industries.

The common feature of the feed chute is that the material impact is large, the wear is severe, and the working temperature is high. From the point of view of the tribological system, the wear failure of the chute is mainly abrasive wear and corrosion wear, and adhesive wear may occur when heavy load occurs. Nickel chute wear liners has high wear resistance, high impact resistance, high plasticity, high weldability and easy installation. Suitable for feed chutes.

Material: iron

Material grade: KmTBCr18

Size: 320/580

Hardness: more than HRC58

Application: Mining

There are a few key points to consider when choosing the right feed chute wear parts for your application: 

  1. Feed material type.

  2. Feed material hardness / abrasion.

  3. Feed size.

  4. The required output.

  5. The possibility of breaking the material in the chamber.

  6. Required throughput.

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