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Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump wholesale

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Plate and frame filter presses are becoming more and more commonplace in fines recovery applications at coal preparation and mining operations around the world with the steady elimination of settling or tailings ponds. These presses carry a relatively high capital cost, but the payoff is in the long-term savings on chemicals and pond management. The dried cake that the presses produce is ideal for transportation off-site, and many end-users have found that this by-product can be sold for a variety of alternative uses. The heart of these filter presses is the centrifugal pump that fills the press, and subsequently aids in the hydraulic pressing of the material. Muyuan Pump has developed a specific line of pumps and impellers which are tailored for these heavy duties.

 Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump

The slurry that is pumped into the press is generally laden with 30-40% solids by weight. The solids are ultra-fine in nature, and can cause significant, sometimes catastrophic, wear and tear on the Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump offered by many of the filter press manufacturers. Muyuan Pump takes a different approach to this problem by putting in place the most robust Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump that we manufacture, with incredibly low specific speed impellers to reduce wear, heat buildup and many other contributing factors that cause other pumps to fail prematurely.


These Muyuan Pump high-head, severe-duty Filter Press Feed Slurry Pumps have been fitted with specialized impellers to provide hydraulic characteristics tailored to filter press feed applications. While other pumps suffer regular seal, bearing and wear part failures, the Muyuan Pump triumphs!

  Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump

Due to the aggressive nature of the slurry being pumped and the high radial forces acting on the shaft at the end of cycle, mechanical seals are a major weak link in this application. Muyuan Pump has designed around this through the use of a specially applied Low-Flow Gland Seal that reduces shaft deflection and water flush rates into the Filter Press Feed Slurry Pump. This packed seal uses roughly the same amount of water that a single mechanical seal requires for flush, while not having any of the costly failure-prone components!


These Muyuan pump have a proven track record, and are applied on many of the top name filter presses on the market today. Let our proven track record go to work for your filter press feed pump applications, and feel confident working with an American pump manufacturer that stocks millions in inventory to keep our products well-supported in the field.

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