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Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump exporter-Muyuan

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Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump exporter-Muyuan

Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump is mainly composed of three systems:

1.Dry Fly Ash Evacuation System:

Ash collected from Duct & Air preheater hopper, Electrostatic precipitator hopper is conveyed to 4 immediate surge hoppers through pneumatic conveying systems. Conveying air compressors for conveying air supply and instrument air compressors with air dryer for operating control instruments are used as main auxiliaries. Ash collected in Intermediate surge hoppers is either conveyed further to Fly ash silo through pneumatic conveying system or is transferred to Ash Pond through HCSD system. Piping used is of type pipe in pipe (PIP).

 Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump

2.Bottom Ash Evacuation System:

Bottom ash consists of Bottom Ash Hopper, Gate Valves, Scrapper chain conveyors, Clinker grinder & belt conveyors provided to collect and convey bottom ash to the bottom ash storage silo. Ash from each bottom ash silo is unloaded to two number open trucks through vibratory feeder and discharge gates. Bottom ash falls due to gravity in the bottom ash hopper. Hot bottom ash is then quenched in the water tank of scrapper chain conveyor. Scrapper chain consists of chain and bars, hydraulic power pack for chain tensioning and operation of discharge gates. Hydraulic power pack consists of motor which is coupled with the oil pump. Pressurized oil is fed to hydraulic turbine on which chain of scrapper is mounted.

3.HCSD (High Concentration Slurry Disposal)

HCSD (High Concentration Slurry Disposal) system stream of the Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump includes ‗Intermediate surge hoppers - stream surge hoppers – Screw conveyor – Ash mixer – Agitator retention tank – charge pump - ABEL pump. The ABEL Pump is a Hydraulic Membrane piston diaphragm pump used in Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump for high concentration slurry disposal to ash pond. HCSD stream consists of following main equipments:

3.1Surge hoppers

Surge hoppers are provided below main hopper for controlled evacuation of fly ash and for weighying the same.

3.2Screw conveyor and ash mixer

Screw conveyor performs the function of transportation of fly ash to ash mixer. Ash mixer consists of water supply in monitored rate to mix with water. Water and ash mixture is then fed to agitated retention tank.

3.3Agitated retention tank (ART)

ART consists of a cylindrical tank with vertical shaft consists of blades. This vertical shaft when rotates mixes the slurry properly and make the homogeneous ash slurry.

3.4Charge pump

Charge pump is a simple centrifugal pump used to provide the initial head to main piston diaphragm pump. It takes the slurry directly from ART and pumps it with discharge pressure ranging from 1.5bar to 5bar. Charge pump is followed by suction strainer to prevent any scrap enter to piston diaphragm pump.

3.5Piston diaphragm pump and its working

 Fly Ash Handling Slurry Pump


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