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Heavy Duty Sump Pumps manufacture

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Heavy Duty Sump Pump is upgraded and developed by our company on the basis of similar products in China. The improved Heavy Duty Sump Pump has high efficiency, good overflow condition, good wear resistance and long service life, and is widely used for cleaning and filling sludge in lakes and rivers.

Heavy Duty Sump Pump can be combined with a high pressure clean water pump to form a hydraulic excavation and filling unit for dredging and filling operations. In addition, it can be combined with several vertical pumps and a horizontal and horizontal sludge pump for sea and land to form an operation group.

The Heavy Duty Sump Pump is a centrifugal pump whose vertical axis consists essentially of a suction filter, an impeller and a pump body. The suction filter has the function of delivering fluid harmoniously to the impeller inlet without eddy currents and speed levels. Open impellers, usually coated with a wear resistant elastomer, can also be realized in other materials as needed. The impeller is hydraulically and dynamically balanced, and the blade profile is designed to provide high performance. The Heavy Duty Sump Pump body is made of high quality cast iron and completely covers the elastomer. The axis consists of a single part. Specially constructed connectors can be easily removed even after prolonged operation and maximum safe operation. The axis is guided by a rolling bearing and mounted in a special support made of high quality cast iron. The motor frame is a single piece with a pump bracket and has a large window to access the coupling joint.

Muyuan Heavy Duty Sump Pump are widely used in the following services:

 - Wastewater clarification plant sedimentation silo feeding

 - Scale pit of the iron metallurgical plant

 - General emission services for marble, iron metallurgy, chemical, industrial plants and paper mills

 - Marble, granite and stone cutting plants

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