High Chrome Alloy Impellers of Our Centrifugal Light Duty Low Abrasive Slurry Pump
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High Chrome Alloy Impellers of Our Centrifugal Light Duty Low Abrasive Slurry Pump

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The impeller is the rotor of the  Centrifugal Light Duty Low Abrasive Slurry Pump, rotating parts. The front and rear guards have pumped vanes to reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Carbide and molded elastomeric impellers are completely interchangeable. No inserts or nuts are required for casting in the impeller threads. High efficiency and high lift design are also available. It increases or decreases the pressure and flow of the fluid. When the slurry pump processes the solid mixture, the most worn part is the impeller. The impeller is the most important part of the Centrifugal Light Duty Low Abrasive Slurry Pump . It is the heart of the mud pump. 

Materials include BA05, BA49, BA33, natural rubber, polyurethane, etc. to meet different job responsibilities.

There are three main types of slurry pump impellers, open, semi-open and closed. We have various types of vane impellers, such as two vane impellers, three vane impellers, four vane impellers, five vane impellers and six vane impellers. About the material: MUYUAN offers high chromium alloy impellers, rubber impellers, polyurethane impellers and ceramic impellers.

MUYUAN Centrifugal Light Duty Low Abrasive Slurry Pump has a range of mud pump components that have been developed for abrasive applications in mines, quarries, sand and gravel, and are used worldwide for mineral processing and all other solids applications.

All MUYUAN  pumped post-slurry slurry pump components save you money and energy requirements for mud pump components. We can provide high quality pump components for longer durations, requiring less maintenance and replacement and optional design, allowing you to maximize your original equipment maintenance budget.

Our horizontal slurry pump components and vertical sewage pump spare parts are interchangeable in size with Warman mud pump components and other branded mud pumps. In addition, we accept pump parts OEM and ODM operations, especially for wear and corrosion pump parts. We have our own casting and compounding experts to increase the wear life of wet parts, and they have tested the most abrasive and corrosive applications in the most durable factories. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss your application in more detail. Our experienced technical engineers are ready to provide advice and recommendations to improve the future wear life of the slurry pump. We have the ability to help you create the perfect casting material for your particular slurry.


We supply theWe supply the world with slurry pump solutions, systems, and parts. 


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