High Quality Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pumps In China
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High Quality Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pumps In China

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Heavy Duty Sump Pump

The Heavy Duty Industrial Sump Pumps are a new type of generator product that adopts international water pump technology and domestic characteristics. It is widely used in construction sites, basements, and factories.The coal slurry pump can be customized 304/316 stainless steel type, high-temperature resistance type and cutting impeller type.


When working, the pump head needs to be immersed in water.  The pump does not require shaft seals or seal water.The heavy duty industrial sump pumps can be driven directly by a belt or coupling.  The gap between the impeller and the rear lining can be adjusted to ensure that the pump works effectively.



 1. The wearing parts are made of a high chromium alloy, which has abrasion resistance.

 2. High efficiency and energy saving.

 3. Light weight and long service life.

 4. Reasonable structure and reliable operation.

 5. Lower noise and pump vibration translate into higher hydraulic efficiency.

 6. The heavy duty industrial sump pumps do not require any shaft seal and shaft seal water, and can still work without sufficient water.

 7. Reasonable construction; easy maintenance; stable performance; reliability and durability.



Heavy-duty submersible mud pumps are mainly used to transport mud that is highly corrosive to fine particles.  This heavy-duty submersible mud pump is widely used in many industries such as metallurgy, mining, coal, power and other corrosive, high-concentration mud transportation, such as cracking operations.


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