High head slurry pump
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High head slurry pump

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The MH Series high head slurry pumps are end-suction, split-type centrifugal slurry pumps that provide excellent wear life while maintaining efficiency over the wear cycle, providing optimum total operating costs.

High head slurry pumps is widely used to transport corrosive/abrasive and high concentration slurry in various industries such as mining, sand and lead, including power facilities, copper, oil shale, agriculture, etc.  MUYUAN MH series high head slurry pump is equivalent to the Warman HH series pump.

High head slurry pumpare suitable for a wide range of applications from filter press feeds to pipelined stage pumps.

High lift and stronger wear parts make these pumps the most rugged pumps. Extensive external ribs allow a single pump to reach a higher head, and the expanded wetted parts can handle the most demanding applications in today's field.

This rubber-lined sludge pump uses wear-resistant rubber to reduce wear and corrosion. The rubber has a low density and can reduce noise and vibration. Therefore, high head slurry pumps is undoubtedly your first choice.MH serieshigh head slurry pumps  are widely used in ball mill discharge rod mill, nickel silicate pulp, coarse sand, coarse tailings, phosphate matrix, mineral concentrate, bottom / flight and other industries. Ash, lime grinding, oil sands, ore, fine tailings, phosphoric acid, coal, flotation, process chemistry, pulp and paper, flue gas desulfurization, wastewater

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