Highly abrasive slurry handling pump
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Highly abrasive slurry handling pump

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Highly abrasive slurry handling pump is designed to transport strong abrasive slurry with high concentration of solids in mining, metallurgical, coal, manure, and other industrial applications, at pH levels 5 to 12. Pumps available in chrome iron and rubber configurations.

Highly abrasive slurry handling pump are high reliability, high efficiency pumps capable of handling even abrasive slurries with ease, long wear life and simple maintenance, MUYUAN slurry pumps serve a variety of slurry transportation applications

Because of its unique design with no dynamic seals, cups or packings, Highly abrasive slurry handling pump screw pumps and progressing cavity pumps, that rely on the pumped fluid for lubrication, a Hydra-Cell multi-diaphragm slurry pump needs no liquid end lubrication, making it ideal for pumping slurries, abrasives and other viscous liquids that may contain particulate matter.

MUYUAN highly abrasive slurry handling pump can be found in numerous industrial processes involving transfer of liquids containing particles – often replacing pumps such as screw and progressing cavity pumps, with improved process reliability.

MUYUAN offers a unique combination of features, making it generically different from other types of pump. There are no dynamic seals in the pump. Multiple diaphragms are integrated in a single compact head, flexing in sequence to produce smooth positive-displacement pumping action. Hydraulic balance enables the diaphragms to operate without stress, even at high pressures for a long, reliable life.

These features are combined with high energy efficiency, gentle handling, simple build, undemanding maintenance and easy electronic control.


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