How does Mineral slurry pump work?
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How does Mineral slurry pump work?

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Mineral slurry pump is horizontal, cantilevered centrifugal slurry pump with reasonable construction, reliable operation, long service life. It is extensively used in transporting abrasive and corrosive slurry in mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemicals, building, etc. 

What's more, the mineral heavy duty slurry pump is especially utilized for washing plant, mineral processing plant, power plant and so on. The mineral slurry pump is a cantilevered, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump, which is specifically designed to combat the need to run conventional to generate high heads. 

They are often required in many modern slurry pumping application single pump unit rather than series pumping can be adopted, at greatly reduced capital cost, while the Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump and High Head still offering optimum wear life and efficiency.

Mineral Slurry Pump     Mineral Slurry Pump

Mineral slurry pumps are regarded as horizontal centrifugal slurry pump and it is designed for the continuous pumping of high abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance demands. It will keep high efficiency over the wear life of its components. 

Mineral concentrate slurry pump Application:
Coarse Sand  
Mineral Concentration  
Coal Washing

Phosphoric Acid

Metal Smelting

Bottom/Fly Ash  

We also use special ceramics and alloys for friction on high strength and hardness parts. The unique design and seamless fit between the mechanical seal and the sealed cavity provide excellent wear and impact properties, ensuring its effectiveness of the mineral slurry pump under the toughest conditions.


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