How to Select China Drainage Pump For Clear Water
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How to Select China Drainage Pump For Clear Water

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Choosing the right centrifugal drainage pump for clear water can be a challenge. Although MuYuan does provide a performance (head capacity) curve for itscentrifugal drainage pump for clear water, it is difficult to predict the point on the curve that the pump will perform. The total static head is usually considered only when selecting a drainage pump for clean water. However, this method tends to cause large errors due to frictional losses, and in many cases, the performance of the clean water pump does not meet expectations. The selection process becomes more complicated when using nozzles or sprinklers.


In order to accurately predict the performance of a centrifugal drain pump in a particular application, the total dynamic head must be calculated. The total dynamic head is the sum of all the additional losses in the static tip, electrostatic discharge head and system. These losses include, but are not limited to, friction losses due to pipe size, length and material, and loss of nozzles or nozzles.Simply put, the total dynamic head is the actual head on the clean water pump during operation.


Accurately predicting the emissions and pressures of a given drainage pump for clean water in a particular application requires cumbersome calculations and extensive trial and error.


By performing difficult calculations for you, MuYuan can help you choosing the right drainage pump for clean water


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