Integrated Pump Station Motor Control Centers
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Integrated Pump Station Motor Control Centers

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We offers a integrated pump station motor control centers designed to replace existing controls. It can be configured to control 1 to 12 pumps in any HP configuration.

Standard functions of the integrated pump station motor control centers

    1. Variable frequency drives (VFD) are ordered among multiple pumps or dedicated to each pump
    2. Microprocessor control to sequence pumps and maintain constant pressure at variable flow rates
    3. Transient / surge protection for input power and sensitive analog circuits
    4. VirtualVision touchscreen operator interface with full-color Matrix LCD display and memory card with more than one year of data history.
    5. VirtualVision display includes: pump running status, current discharge flow and pressure alarm status, and record time, date, flow and pressure data at alarm time
    6. Adjustable system pressure setpoints and control functions, such as self-flushing inlet screens, chemical injection, discharge filters and screens
    7. Password protected programming screen
    8. Individual pump runtime monitoring
    9. Manual VFD speed control

    10. Pond water injection pump started

    11. High exhaust / low exhaust pressure safety
    12. Key lock panel security

    13. Pump temperature safety alarm


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