Integrated Pump Station Motor Control Centers
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Integrated Pump Station Motor Control Centers

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Integrated pump station motor control can include solid state controllers, elector-mechanical starters, variable frequency drives, reduced voltage solid start starters, panel boards, PLC control sections, communication packages, and more.

Standard Features of Integrated pump station motor control

  • Custom control wiring and compartment options

  • Sturdy all-welded 12-gauge steel frame construction with 14-gauge interior panels

  • 90″ high motor control with fixed or interchangeable buckets

  • UL file extensions for custom control wiring, for vendor-manufactured MCCs

  • Custom dimensions and bucket options

  • Integration of any preferred PLC, OIT, and/or HMI

  • Constructed to UL standards

  • Provisions for emergency power – manual or automatic

  • Durable and long-lasting polyester powder coat finishes

Optional Features of Integrated pump station motor control

  • Low-profile 46”, 60” and 72” high, compartmentalized motor control

  • Fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized steel,  stainless steel or aluminum

  • Sunshields, cooling systems & heating elements

  • Multiple color options including graffiti-resistant finishes

  • Utility metering combinations up to 1000 Amps available

  • Generator connection options

  • Walk-in weather enclosures or weather-wraps

Applications of Integrated pump station motor control

  • Water and waste water treatment plants

  • Storm water lift stations

  • Waste water lift stations

  • Water pumping stations

  • Power company utility metering

  • Tunnel lighting controls

  • Mining power distribution

  • Specialty power distribution projects

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