It's time to stock the slurry pump
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It's time to stock the slurry pump

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Why you need to stock the slurry pump and spare parts now?


Chinese government strictly control all the foundry plant in Hebei province, because of the terrible air pollution in China. A lot of not qualified plant which doesn't have a environment protection certificate have been closed.The big compliance plant also have some limit for production.

It makes the delivery time much longer than before. Even some of foreign customer who worked with trading company, they have to change the slurry pump and spare parts supplier. The manufacture have stoped the supplying goods to trading company.

So before the winter coming, pls make some stock for last 3 months of the year and the begining of the year. In 2018 winter China's environmental protection situation will be more severe, it has been start from the May.        

If you want to have a much shorter delivery time, it's time to think about it and make stock for future sales.


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