Light Duty Slurry Pumps Working Principle
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Light Duty Slurry Pumps Working Principle

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Slurry pump for mining, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and oil industries, we can see its application is very broad, then how does the slurry pump work? Explain the working principle of light duty slurry pump, I hope for your help. 

First of all, tell about the relationship between the centrifugal pump and slurry pump, and then the principle of slurry pump will naturally clear. The concept of centrifugation is based on the principle of the pump. There are many types of pumps, depending on the angle can be divided into dozens of categories. Centrifugal pump is divided from the working principle of the pump, through the centrifugal force to achieve the process of supercharging the transmission medium. There are also other common types including screw principle, plunger principle can be divided into different centrifugal principle of the pump. Slurry pump is divided from another point of the pump, that is, from the transmission medium to divide. As the name implies, the slurry pump delivers a mixture of solid particles containing water and water. However, in principle, the slurry pump is a centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps are the main components of the impeller and the casing, the casing of the impeller device is located on the shaft, and connected with the prime mover to form a whole. When the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate, the blades in the impellers force the fluid to rotate, ie the blades work on the fluid along its direction of motion, forcing the pressure potential energy and kinetic energy of the fluid to increase. At the same time, the fluid flows under the force of inertia from the center to the edge of the impeller and flows out of the impeller at a very high speed into the pressure chamber, which is then discharged through the diffuser tube. This process is called as pressure watering. At the same time, due to the flow of fluid in the center of the impeller to the edge, a low-pressure zone is formed in the center of the impeller. When it has a sufficient vacuum, the fluid enters the impeller through the suction chamber under the pressure of the suction end (generally, atmospheric pressure) Water absorption process. Due to continuous rotation of the impeller, the fluid is continuously discharged and sucked in to form a continuous operation.

Centrifugal pumps (including the slurry pump) work process, in fact, is a process of energy transfer and conversion. It transfers the mechanical energy of a motor rotating at high speed through the blades of the pump and translates into the pressure and kinetic energy of the fluid being pumped. 


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