Lubrication of Slurry Pump Bearing Assy
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Lubrication of Slurry Pump Bearing Assy

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Lubrication of Slurry Pump Bearing Assy


Usually we will apply oil and grease for the slurry pump bearing assy lubrication.  And most of our slurry pump bearing assy use the grease lubrication. And the oil and grease lubrication has its own advantages and disadvantages.  


More than 90% of bearing assy uses the grease lubrication.  The grease lubrication can be used at the section which can not offer oil continuously and when the slurry pump does not run at high speed and high  temperature. As time goes, the grease can release little amount of oil to the bearing.  It has advantages below: keep in place, not easy to leak, improve sealing, no need for monitoring. Its disadvantages: limited service life and needs many labor to clean it.


The oil lubrication usually is used at high speed and high temperature. Our high efficiency slurry pumps MHE and MYU pump applies the oil lubrication. It is easy to dispense , discharge and interchange.  While if we do not use it correctly, its leakage will pollute the environment.


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