MUYUAN,A light duty slurry pump exporter,Declares that Corrosion resistance of slurry pump is more obvious
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MUYUAN,A light duty slurry pump exporter,Declares that Corrosion resistance of slurry pump is more obvious

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The corrosion-resistant Light Duty Slurry Pump is a slurry pump with steel-lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene structure. The medium transported by the Light Duty Slurry Pump  is a special medium in which the solid powder and the liquid are dissolved together. The medium is characterized by corrosiveness, abrasiveness, viscosity, etc. The corrosion-resistant slurry pump is widely used in mines, power stations, cement, building materials, petroleum Chemicals, papermaking and other industries. The corrosion-resistant slurry pump is a solution circulation pump in the gas purification desulfurization process and plays a key role in the system, affecting the system's output and operation. In view of the lack of corrosion-resistant slurry pump, check the cause and found that the pump body and pump cover are worn. The clearance increases to 6mm to cause the backflow of the solution and the pump outlet head and flow rate decrease. The reason is that the pump inlet temperature is 127°C and the inlet pressure is 0.7MPa. There is cavitation in the pump. In the high pressure zone, where the pump cover and the pump body are fitted, the air bubble bursts and the flushing causes the gap to increase. In order to meet the system operation, it is necessary to use a polymer ceramic polymer to repair the pump body and pump cover of the corrosion-resistant slurry pump so as to achieve the use effect.


Main features and advantages of Light Duty Slurry Pump 

Compared with the metal circulation pump,the Light Duty Slurry Pump has excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance because of the liner ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene which has excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and crack resistance. The Light Duty Slurry Pump transports desulfurization circulating fluid or other abrasive materials. After two years of use, no significant wear of the inner liner of the pump cavity of the Light Duty Slurry Pump with 12% solids was obtained. After more than 100 desulphurization projects, thousands of desulfurization pumps, and years of operation prove that the Light Duty Slurry Pump has no obvious corrosion of the flow-through components, it can fully meet the requirements of the existing desulfurization processes such as ammonia, calcium, magnesium and sodium. When transporting spray desulphurization slurry containing chloride ions, the anticorrosive performance of the corrosion-resistant slurry pump is even more pronounced.


The efficiency of the Light Duty Slurry Pump is leading and the energy-saving effect is obvious. It is 10 to 15% higher than that of the conventional lining or all-plastic circulation pump of the same technology, and the energy saving is 15 to 20%. In recent years, the company has been devoted to the research on the efficiency improvement of the Light Duty Slurry Pump , focusing on overcoming the problems of the low efficiency of traditional large-scale pumps. The efficiency of the prior art plastic centrifugal pump is generally only about 55 to 60% (this value is the clean water test value, the same below), mainly due to the molding process of the plastic impeller, it is difficult to produce the impeller blade type to meet the high efficiency requirements. Impeller streamline morphology. In particular, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene impellers are more difficult to mold due to low melt index and poor flow properties. Therefore, large-scale plastic-lined centrifugal pumps have always been at a low level of efficiency. Our technical personnel have made innovations and improvements from the aspects of the impeller, mold structure, and molding technology, and have made new breakthroughs and can produce high-efficiency impellers. The efficiency of the Light Duty Slurry Pump was increased from 55-60% to 68-75%, which reduced the pump power consumption by 15-20%.


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