MUYUAN is enlisted in quality-certified heavy duty mud pumps suppliers
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MUYUAN is enlisted in quality-certified heavy duty mud pumps suppliers

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MUYUAN is enlisted in quality-certified heavy duty mud pumps suppliers. Our experienced professionals manufacture the mud pump from the high quality components of our advanced manufacturing units. The heavy duty mud pumps is widely used in paper, petroleum, petroleum and water treatment applications for high pressure drilling fluids. In addition, our valued customers can use our standard and custom grade heavy duty mud pumps.

Features of heavy duty mud pump:

high efficiency

Sturdy structure

Need less maintenance

Smooth operation

Heavy mud pump introduction

Heavy-duty mud pumps provide greater efficiency with proven design and reliable parts. These are effective for heavy and difficult to pump materials. In addition, they provide high pressure for industrial plants. Some of their applications include tank and barrel cleaning, breweries, drilling platforms and factory cleaning. During start-up, there is no foot valve and effective air release for quick and automatic operation. These heavy duty mud pumps are affordable and spare parts are readily available. Therefore, they are ideal for many industrial pumping applications.

Application of heavy duty mud pump:

Used to pump drowning, contaminated liquids, solids, sewage, etc.

Dewatering ditch, construction site and marine engine.

Chemical plant.

Waste treatment, dewatering excavation, ponds.

Water circulation, dirty solvent recovery and petroleum products.

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