Maintenance Tips for Centrifugal Pumps
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Maintenance Tips for Centrifugal Pumps

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Our Centrifugal Pumps machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory, the user within 6 months after purchase, unused pump without dismantling. Only check whether the rotation is flexible, rust and fuel conditions can be filled before use to add filler.

1, please keep the centrifugal pumps clean, dry, no oil, no leakage.

2, please check the daily oil level is moderate, the correct oil level is in the vicinity of the oil level line, shall not exceed ± 2mm.

3, often check the centrifugal pumps operation whether there is abnormal sound, pump vibration and pump leaks, found that the problem needs to be promptly addressed. 4, the centrifugal pumps is strictly prohibited in the pump down state, because the slurry pump in the pump down state not only violent vibration, but also reduce the pump life, pay special attention.

5, metal objects and more than allowed by the pump into the solid slurry into the centrifugal pumps , and non-rubber, cotton, plastic sheeting and other flexible substances into the pump, so as not to damage the flow of parts and clogging impeller runner, so that the pump Can not work normally.

6, please always check the centrifugal pumps shaft seal water and cooling water pressure and flow is appropriate, you can check the shaft seal water valve open or detect the temperature of the packing box method, the temperature is high when the lack of water. For grease lubricated packing pump, daily should be regularly refueling one or two times, to ensure that the packing is in good lubrication.

7, please check the shaft seal water leakage regularly, when the leakage increases, you should adjust the packing gland bolts, need to change the filler to be replaced. 

8, it is recommended to use carbon fiber impregnated PTFE or butter boiled cotton filler, working pressure is not greater than 0.5MPa, the use of asbestos packing. Filler packing method, should be filled in strict accordance with the following requirements:

(1) packing length according to the length of the sleeve to expand the circumference of the circle, when the ring pressure to staggered cut incision 120 °

(2) packing filled, must be carried out Through the water test run, and then adjust the gland bolts in detail to achieve the point of leakage into the line and the state is not the best. Packing stuffing is very important, it is not only related to the sealing condition is good or bad, but also affect the performance of the pump, should cause enough attention.

9, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the centrifugal pumps , must be regularly (after a period of time, under the same operating conditions, the current slow down) to adjust the gap between the impeller and the front guard to keep the gap between 0.75-1.00mm.

10, often bearing the highest temperature should not exceed 75 ℃.

11, the centrifugal pumps  should be completely replaced after 800 hours of continuous operation of lubricating oil.

12, standby pump should be rotated 1/4 turn per week, so that the shaft evenly to withstand static load and external vibration.

13, if the downtime is longer, before starting again, use recoil water to wash the sediment in the pump before starting.

14, always check the system out of water piping loose support system to ensure solid support, the pump body is not supported.

15, always check the centrifugal pumps on the basis of the fastening, the connection should be solid and reliable.

16, special attention: the new installation and maintenance of the centrifugal pumps , be sure to try a good motor steering, and then put on the coupling pin. Drive with a belt, that is, try a good turn, then install the belt, and not motor driven pump reverse. However, it is allowed to reverse the flow of liquid in the tube when the motor is de-energized. However, it should be noted that when the height difference is extremely large (≥80m), backflow should also be prevented to reverse the pump suddenly.

17, open the pump before the shaft seal water and cooling water, and then open the pump; stop pump, after 15 minutes before closing the shaft seal water and cooling water.


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