Mechanical Seal Slurry Pump
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Mechanical Seal Slurry Pump

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The slurry pump used in oil sands mining facilities is equipped with a gland water mechanical seal. The clean, pressurized gland water is pumped into the stuffing box to protect the shaft from abrasive slurry. Stable supply of gland seal water is critical to maintaining the operation of any facility. Even a brief interruption can result in severe pump damage.

A clean and reliable gland water supply is a key utility for any oil sands mining facility. Pressurized gland water is pumped into the Mechanical Seal of Slurry Pump to keep them away from asphalt, sand and fines.

Our innovative slurry pump seals offer:

• Unique, non-clogging design for maximum shaft movement without hang-up and flush-free service for all types of slurry

Cool advanced technology

Single-sided, improve equipment reliability

Specialists and application engineers provide a high level of service and troubleshooting expertise to meet your specific needs for sealed slurry pumps.

Maintaining sufficient gland water flow and pressure is critical to the proper operation of any slurry pump. Operating without gland water, even for only a few seconds, can cause the slurry to flow back into the pump casing and damage the rotating pump shaft. Worn seal packing is easier to repair than a damaged slurry pump.


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