Mineral processing slurry pump
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Mineral processing slurry pump

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Mineral processing slurry pump is a heavy duty sump pump available in a variety of standard lengths to accommodate common sump depths. The Mineral processing slurry pump is compact in structure, small in size, easy to move, easy to install, immersed in water, and does not require a pump house to be built, which greatly reduces construction costs. Mineral processing slurry pump is ideal for continuous processing of heavy and corrosive slurries.

Features of Mineral processing slurry pump:

1. The conveying fluid flow is stable, no overcurrent, pulsation, stirring and shearing mud phenomenon.
2. The discharge pressure is independent of the speed, and the low flow rate can also maintain a high discharge pressure.
3. Pump body: Coordinate with the impeller to ensure high pump efficiency. It has reliability, low spare parts costs and low energy costs.
4. Self-priming ability, can directly pump liquid, no need to install the bottom valve.
5, the pump can be reversed, the direction of liquid flow is changed by the direction of rotation of the pump, suitable for the case where the pipeline needs backwashing.

Application of Mineral processing slurry pump:

Mineral processing slurry pump is widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, brewing, environmental protection, sewage treatment and other industries.

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