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Muyuan Pump History

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Muyuan Pump History

Muyuan Pump mainly production and supply of high quality slurry pump, petrochemical pump, water pump and spares. And it set up foundry shop, machining shop, assembly shop, pump test station and inspection center with 80000 square meters. Every company’s grow with a story, today let me introduce the story of Muyuan Pump for you !



In 2005, Muyuan Pump was established as a trading company, at that time we only have three staff. These hot-blooded young people started their entrepreneurial journey.


After a period time purchasing, they are very upset because they always received some complaints from customers due to the bad quality. After repeated consideration, they decided to produce pump and parts by themselves , then they own their first factory and some simple equipment in 2007.


In 2012, in order to expedite the lead time and keep the high quality, Muyuan Pump rent a bigger plant. And meanwhile, Muyuan Pump plans to purchase land and establish modern factory !


In 2013, Muyuan Pump signed the first “Exclusive Agreement” with Chile customer.


In 2014, We moved to the new plant with an area of 80000 square meters (the current factory). And at that time, Muyuan Pump became the qualified supplier of Codelco !


In order to meet the a large number of order requirements, In 2015 we apply automatic molding line in the foundry shop, which greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.


Nowadays,Muyuan Pump have developed to a big company with foundry shop, machining shop, assembly shop, pump test station and inspection center with perfect automation equipment! And our pump and spare parts are operating at site in all over the world, our products are greatly favored by our customers.



Muyuan Pump are developing at a rapid speed, we believe that Muyuan Pump will meet all slurry pump users with the fastest delivery, lowest price and best service!


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