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Muyuan Slurry Pump on Site

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The following slurry pump is Muyuan 6/4D-MA pump which work in Chile.


This is an interesting case because we replaced a Galigher slurry pump 10/8 (manufactured by Vulco in Chile, Weir affiliated Co)  using Muyuan pump 6/4D-MA.

Our customer has copper mining plant and under grown mine. Currently they use two 6/4D-MAR slurry pumps to feeding the cyclones and one 6/4D-MA slurry pump to pumping tailing from plant to deposit of tailing pulp and one pump 3/2C-MA to transfer copper pulp in flotation process.

This client is truly satisfied with Muyuan slurry pumps and they are suggesting to other miners to try our slurry pumps!



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