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Muyuan Successful Case in Kazakhstan

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Customer cooperated with a trading  company in 2015 & 2016, they offered a much lower price,but spare parts only work 3 weeks, make customer very boring. After that, they refused to work with Chinese company. 


It's a chrome mine, the slurry pump pumping the dense medium, international brand spare parts worked 2 months.    After Muyuan visiting in Sep. 2017, told them we would like to offer spare parts to do test, and install the monitor equipment to collect operation data. Muyuan engineers researched the application and offered a special wear resistant material for them, finally Muyuan volute liner worked 3 months, the service life 1.5 times longer than international brand other parts still working now. Customer are very happy to work with us and offer the succssful conclusion for Muyuan.

Customer are very satisfied with Muyuan service and quality, after the test, they changed all spare parts to Muyuan brand. When installing the spare parts, Muyuan general manager take the engineers go to install the monitor equipment for collecting all the operation datas, to make sure the test can be finished successfully. 

Muyuan will never stop to research and develop the new material and product, try to serve for all over the world customers.



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