Ni acid slurry processing pumps
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Ni acid slurry processing pumps

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Ni acid slurry handling pumps have many applications in the chemical industry. Since these applications typically involve highly corrosive high temperature chemicals, the pump must be capable of transferring, unloading, mixing and handling these harsh liquids. MUYUAN pumps are equipped with the required industrial pumps to best meet the needs of any application in the chemical processing industry.

At MUYUAN, our extensive slurry pumps will perform well in many chemical industry applications. We offer a wide range of diving, immersion, barrel and container pumps for chemical processing and transfer. Similarly, magnetic actuators, flexible impellers, rotating cams and diaphragm pumps can effectively pump liquids. Many of our stainless steel pumps are also suitable for corrosive, irritating and abrasive chemicals that must be handled.

Ni acid slurry handling pumps are acclaimed for their rugged design, energy efficiency and durability. We manufacture these chemical processing pumps from high quality raw materials sourced from trusted suppliers in the market. The centrifugal process pump can be customized according to customer specifications. We offer these products on the market at reasonable prices.

ERVICE condition

Application: Recycling

Liquid Handling: Herbal Extract Cycle

Capacity: 0.50 m3 / hr to 150 m3 / hr

Head: 140 meters (maximum)

Building materials

Pump housing / back plate: SS316 / Alloy-20 / Haste Alloy-B&C.

Impeller: SS316 / Alloy-20 / Haste Alloy-B&C.

Bushing: SS316 / Alloy -20 / Accelerated Alloy - B&C.

Base plate: M.S



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