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Pit Pump with Agitator

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Heavy duty submersible pit pumps with agitator are destined for the most difficult pumping conditions and heavy abrasive mediums.

Pit pump with agitator adopts double bearing supporting to improve the reliability and stability of operation. A suction pump below 2 m length can be added to pump inlet according to the requirement of working liquid level. Various materials are available for different applications. Pit pump with agitator is suitable for conveying fluids without solids or fluids with a few suspending particles. Pit pump with agitator is widely used in industries of electric power,mining,cement,metallurgy,non-ferrous metals...


1. Flow rate:Q=9~460 (m³/h)

2. Total head:H=10~65 (m)

3. Pump speed:n=1450rpm

4. Fluid s.g.:γ ≤1.5 

5. Fluid temperature:T=0~80ºC 

6. Pump diameter:50~200mm


1. A new type vertical submerged centrifugal chemical pump conforms to standard JB/T8096-1998.

2. Double bearing supporting to improve the reliability and stability of operation.

3. Optimized hydraulic model to better adapt different applications.

4. Several standard immersed depths of pump.A suction pipe can be added onto pump inlet flange when the pump immersed depth is longer than 1.5 m.

5. Adopting low linear speed design for heavy slurry to extend pump life.

6. Different anti-abrasive materials for various applications.


1. Single casing structure,pump casing is connected to the supporting tube,supporting tube is connected to bearing housing,bearing housing is connected to baseplate.

2. Cylinder type bearing housing plus rolling bearings.

3. Sealing ring as the shaft sealing,without any cooling water.

4. A stir impeller is adopted beyond the impeller of ZLJ model to agitate slurry or particles in the fluids.

5. Direct coupled Transmission.


Application fields of the pumps:

· Lime slurries pumping

· Wash down sumps

· Slag pits

· Mill scale

· Ash transfer

· Food waste pumping

· Sand and gravel dewatering

· Barge & tank cleanout

· Coal runoff sumps

· Tailings ponds

· Silt removal


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