Pit pump with agitator
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Pit pump with agitator

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Heavy duty pit pump with agitator for the most difficult pumping conditions and heavy abrasive media.

Pit pump with agitato allows you to use the same pump in any pit at any depth. Muyuan uses a hydraulic cylinder to extend the length of the pump to match the depth of the pocket. The Multi Pit Pump is part of the Header range of pumps with a patented three-port housing. Adding multiple outlets allows the feces to escape the enclosure faster and pump more capacity with less fuel. Available in variable depth models, choose the length that meets your requirements! Available in 8'-12', 9'-14' and 10'-16'. A new white iron casing is now available that is resistant to wear even under the toughest sand conditions.

Pit pump with the agitator is extremely hard cast by a proprietary process to harden the ductile iron volute. Facing the most difficult pumping industry choices: lime slurry, rolling scale, coal runoff pool, flushing tank, ash transfer, tailings pond, slag pit, food waste, sludge removal, sand and gravel dewatering, barge and tank finishing .

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