Prefabricated Pumping Station For Waste Water
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Prefabricated Pumping Station For Waste Water

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MUYUAN offers a full range of prefabricated pumping station for waste water– also known as waste water integrated pumping stations – which are supplied complete with all the necessary piping, valves, level controls etc.

Prefabricated pumping station for waste water use a modular concept, while the pump pit, pumps and controls can be combined to suit specific requirements for each individual application.

Design your own pumping station

Pumping stations are built to handle effluent, drainage and sewage from domestic, commercial, municipal and industrial buildings as well as surface water from highways and roads. Generally, pumping stations are used in two main types of sewer systems: pressurised sewer systems and gravitational sewer systems.


Prefabricated pumping stations for waste water are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). All pre-installed piping is either made of PE or stainless steel. As standard, we supply the pumping stations with a fibreglass, aluminium or PE top cover. However, we can also supply a heavy traffic cover made of concrete/cast iron.

Features and Benefits

§ Modular flexibility

§ Corrosion-free materials

§ Easy installation

§ Sturdy construction

§ Sump design limits sludge and odour problems

Applications depend on the pump selected, and include:

§ Drainage

§ Effluent/rainwater/surface water

§ Wastewater transport

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