Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition 2018
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Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition 2018

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Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition 2018


QME 2018 have ended for 3 weeks,have you get any new harvest or informations ?


QME 2018 - Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition is dedicated to the coal mining industry, exhibiting services and products for the mining mineral processing, power generation, sugar processing and metal smelting industries .


QME 2018 - Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition presents products and services such as: Compressors & Air tools, Engineered Products, Electrical Distribution, Construction Equipment, Highwall Mining Hydraulics, Lubrication Maintenance, Mineral Processing, Electrical Equipment, Power Generation, Communications, Open cut Mining, Instrumentation, Laboratory Equipment, Materials Handling, Crushing & Grinding, Computers & Software and Longwall Mining. 

QME 2018 - Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition brings together Affiliated Trades and Mining Industry Buyers.


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