Sealing arrangements for mechanical seal slurry pump
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Sealing arrangements for mechanical seal slurry pump

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These are the most efficient and expensive ways to configure a hermetic mechanical seal slurry pump.

mechanical seal slurry pump


The mechanical seal consists of two parts, one part fixed to the shaft and the other part fixed to the fixed pump housing. The interface between these two components is a mechanical seal. One of the parts will be fixed in place and the other part will be pushed onto it using a spring-loaded fastener. This allows a small amount of liquid, called a fluid film, to flow into the tiny space between the two surfaces to form a seal, but also provides the lubrication and cooling required.


The liquid between the two faces of the seal can come from pumped fluid or fluid from an external source. There is some leakage in the dry area of the mechanical seal slurry pump, but since the gap is too small (narrow to 1 micron), this is virtually undetectable.

 mechanical seal slurry pump

The advantages of using a mechanical seal slurry pump are:


Cost savings from reduced wear to pump parts

Reduce repair time because repairs and parts require less.

Reduce the amount of liquid required for cooling

Prevent any significant leakage of pumped liquid


The main disadvantage of mechanical seals is that they are much more expensive to buy. However, this is due to lower operating costs and the elimination of any costs associated with leakage. Mechanical seal slurry pump can be equipped with mechanical seals and can be easily installed.

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