Slurry Pump Drive Types
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Slurry Pump Drive Types

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Slurry Pump Drive Types

There are two kinds of drive types between slurry pumps and motors. One is the DC type that is motor and slurry pumps are connected via coupler. The other is the V-belt drive ( motor and slurry pumps are connected via belt and pulley).

According to different parameters, we can decide different drive types for sludge pumps. Within the range of specified flow and head, we can know the speed of sludge pumps.  Generally, when the slurry pump speed is the same with the one of motor, we will select the DC type. Otherwise, we will select the V-belt drive type which include the DC, CV(Z), CL(Z),CR(Z), BD,ZV(Z). And V-belt drive type is also used when the centre distance between two shafts is large.  

Usually the DC type of sludge pumps is reliable with lower failure rate. It will not lose the speed . And it is with high efficiency. But its speed is fixed, its work range is not wide.

When overloaded, the belt will slip on the pulley to prevent damage to weak parts and provide safety protection to weak parts. V-belt can easily fit variable sludge pumps operation parameter, and it can be with wide pump selection range. But will loose the speed and with lower transferred efficiency . And it is not more reliable than the DC drive type.

The two drive modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. When we select the drive modes for slurry pumps, we do not only consider the pump speed and motor speed but also consider the specific requirement of the site.


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