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Slurry Pump Parts Material

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Slurry Pump Parts Material

HEBEI MUYUAN PUMP INDUSTRY CO., LTD can offer a variety of anti wear materials for the slurry pump parts. Our engineers focus on researching wear resistant material for different heavy duty applications. Our material will be shown below:




High Chrome

Chrome content of 15%,27%,29%,30%,35%

slurry pump impeller, throatbush, volute liner and FPL insert etc.

Cast and Ductile Iron

HT200, HT250, QT500-7, QT400-12 and so on

bearing housing, base and etc.

Stainless Steel

304, 316, 316L, CD4MCu

slurry pump wet parts, shaft sleeve etc


Natural rubber, Butyl, Neoprene, Hypalon and so on

slurry pump liner


Different hardness

slurry pump parts


Silicon carbide silicon nitride ceramic and chromic oxide, aluminum oxide ceramic coating

slurry pump wet parts

Our main material for the slurry wet parts are the high chrome cast iron. We apply the resin sand casting technology with Furan resin sand. The hardness is one of the most important charateristics to show the anti-wear performance of the mud pump parts. The hardness for Our standard material for M05(27% high chrome cast iron) is ≥56HRC.  

With various materials, our slurry pump can be suitable for different and heavy duty working conditions to guarantee long service life and low maintenance cost of our customer!


We supply theWe supply the world with slurry pump solutions, systems, and parts. 


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