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Slurry Pump

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Slurry pumps, also known as lined pumps or dredging pumps, are centrifugal pumps used to transport fluids containing highly abrasive solids, such as flotation, slag, coal or ore suspension, for mining and Sintered sludge, or sand and gravel extraction. They are particularly severely subject to corrosive wear. Therefore, they should be designed so that their wetted surfaces are hardened by deposition welding and exposed to worn parts such as rings, bushings, discs, casing inserts, impellers and all types of linings, which can be easily replaced by new ones. Therefore, they must be quite inexpensive and consist of materials that are particularly resistant to wear or abrasion and corrosion.

slurry pump is a type of pump designed for pumping liquid containing solid particles. Slurry pumps changes in design and construction to adjust to multiple type of slurrywhich varies in concentration of solids, size of solid particles, shape of solid particles, and composition of solution.

Operational requirements also include quick and easy pump removal and reliable spare parts service for replaceable parts. In addition to these pumps, developed specifically for hydraulic solids transportation, there are many centrifugal pumps that are suitable for handling fluids of varying degrees of contamination and solids depending on their design and material properties.


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