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Slurry Pumps Impeller

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Slurry Pumps Impeller


Impeller is the core part of slurry pumps. It is mainly related to the work principle of centrifugal slurry pumps. Before start up, you should fill the pump with water. When the motor drives the slurry pump impeller to rotate at a high speed, the water in the impeller will rotate too. Because of the centrifugal force, water will push into the outlet of slurry pump  along the of the circumference of the impeller.  After the water is discharged, a vacuum is formed near the rotating shaft in the pump casing. The water in the inlet pipe will be pushed into the pump and fill the vacuum under the external pressure. So the impeller rotates continuously, the water will continuously be pushed into the slurry pump chamber.


According to the structure of the impeller, it can be divided into closed type, open type, and semi-open type.  In accordance with the numbers of vanes, there are 2 vanes, 3 vanes, 4 vanes, 5 vanes, 6 vanes, 8 vanes impellers.  The material of the impeller include natural rubber, high chrome cast iron, duplex stainless steel, polyurathane etc. We can select it according to different working conditions.  


The back vane of the slurry pump impeller can reduce the pressure between impeller and liner, then reduce the back-flow, in this way it can improve the volume efficiency and it is better for shaft seal.  It also can reduce the axial force. Of course, the back vane will reduce the life of liner and the efficiency of pump. For this, MUYUAN Pump can also offer impeller without back vane!  


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