Slurry pump possible faults and removal
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Slurry pump possible faults and removal

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Slurry pump possible faults and removal


In the process of using the slurry pump, have you ever encounter some minor problems ? Today, i will list some common problems in the using of slurry pump, hoping to help you.


1)   Slurry pump fails to discharge any liquid.


Reason:        a.Air leaking into suction or gland.

b.Incorrect direction of slurry pump rotation & impeller worn.

c. Suction pipe blocked

Removal:      a.Sealed leakage

                        b.Check direction of rotation and replacing impeller.

                        c.Removal blockage.


2)  Shaft power consumption is excessive.


 Reason:       a. Gland excessively tightened against packing rings.

           b. Rotating component rubbing on a stationary part.

           c. Bearings worn.

           d. Drive belt tension too tight.

           e. Flow rate too large.

           f. Slurry pump speed & ratio too high.

           g. Misalignment or unparallel drive shaft and pump shaft.

        Removal:      a. Loosen gland bolts.

                                  b. Removal the rubber part.

                                  c. Replace the bearing.

                                  d. Adjusting belt.

                                  e.Modifying the slurry pump duty and speed.

                                  f. Adjusting drive & slurry pump shaft.

   3)  Bearing is over heating.


           Reason:       a. Lubricants too much or less.

                     b. Containing impurities in the lubricant.

                                  c. Bearing worn.

           Removal:      a. Lubricating as requirement.

                              b. Replace new lubricant.

                                   c. Replace new bearing.


   4)  Bearing has short life.


      Reason :            a. Misalignment or unparallel of drive and pump shaft.

                                     b. Shaft bent

                                     c. Impeller unbalanced due to wear

                                    d. Foreign object entered into the bearing or insufficient lubrication lubrication.

                                    e. Incorrect procedure followed in fitting bearings.

        Removal:           a. Adjusting drive and pump shaft.

                                     b. Replacing shaft.

                                     c. Remove rubbing and replacing new impeller.

                                     d. Clean the bearing.

                                     e. Replacing or refitting the bearings.

    5) Excessive leakage from stuffing box


         Reason:          a. Packing rings excessive worn.

                                      b. Shaft sleeve worn.

                                      c. Dirty sealing water.

           Removal:          a. Replacing new packing rings.

                                       b. Replace shaft sleeve.

                                       c. Change clean sealing water.


6) Slurry pump vibrates or is noisy


          Reason:         a. Bearing worn.

                                      b. Impeller unbalanced.

                                      c. Air entered into suction pipe or blocked.

                                      d. Flow rate no-uniform and pump not primed.

          Removal:        a. Replaced by new bearings.

                                       b. Replaced by new impeller.

                                       c. Discharge air and remove block.

                                       d. Improve on the slurry pump feeding.




If you have any questions on using slurry pump, pls no hesitate to contact with us, Muyuan pump’s strong engineering team will always give you the best solutions.

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