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Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump MA

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Pump type MA is the standard heavy duty slurry pump which designed for the continuous pumping of highly abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance requirements. It maintains high efficiencies over the wear life of its components. This type of pump typically used in heavy minerals processing, mineral recovery process plant transfers, wet waste processes, recycling-washing plant, sand plant duties and chemical process plant. 

Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Range:
Discharge Size: 1″to 18″
Capacity: 4 to 5400m³/h
Heads: 5 to 75m
Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Typical Application:
(1)Mill Discharge
(2) Coarse Sand  
(3) Tailings  
(4) Mineral Concentration  
(5) Heavy Media   
(6) Coal Washing   
(7) FGD   
(8) Process Chemical
(9) Bottom/Fly Ash

(10) Metal Smelting

Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Feature:
(1)Elastomer or high chrome alloy liners provide corrosion & abrasion resistance, plus the interchangeability to reduce the maintenance cost and maximize wear life 
(2) Large diameter, high efficiency impellers designed to offer maximum wear life and low operating cost, wide options of impeller for specific applications 
(3)Gland, expeller or mechanical seals are available to suite different working conditions
(4)The bearing can be grease or oil lubricated which offer ease of maintenance and reduced downtime
(5)The pump can be installed in multi-stage high pressure operation

(6)Large internal passage designed to reduce internal velocities to maximize wear life and lower operating cost

Seal Options:
(1)Centrifugal Seal or Expeller Seal or Dynamic Seal-The centrifugal seal consists of expelling vanes on the back of the impeller and an expeller which rotates in unison with the impeller. The expeller is located in a separate chamber behind the impeller. The expeller acts as a turbine to reduce the pressure of the slurry attempting to escape around the back of the impeller. The expeller forms a pressure ring within the expeller chamber and prevents the slurry from passing into the secondary seal area. 
(2) Gland Seal-The gland seal comprises a number of soft packing rings, compressed in a chamber (stuffing box) against a protective wear sleeve which fitted to the pump shaft. This type of seal requires continuous clean flushing water lubrication and cooling between the rotating shaft sleeve and the compressed packing, to prevent over heating due to the friction. 

(3)Mechanical Seal-When it is essential for the leakage to be prevented entirely, then mechanical seals should provide a solution. The mechanical seal consists of a stationary and rotating face pressed together under mechanical and hydraulic pressure to prevent leakage. 

Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Advantages:
The optimized structure is suitable for heavy duty application, ensuring longevity and longevity.
The double casing design of our heavy duty slurry pumps allows for axial splitting. Made of ductile iron, the pump casing is able to withstand the main pressure generated in the pump chamber. The lining is made of wear-resistant material and does not stick to the outer casing for easy maintenance and replacement.
The pump body of the coarse sand slurry pump is fixed to the pump base or the mount by a plurality of bolts. Under the housing or housing, the user can easily adjust the gap between the impeller and the suction pad.

Packing gland seals, mechanical seals and centrifugal seals prevent mud leakage during pumping.


Hydraulic Modeling 
The wet end parts are cast from hard metal, rubber or polyurethane. They maintain good hydraulic performance even when the pump is heavily worn. This helps the pump achieve optimum pumping efficiency levels for extended periods of time. Various impeller designs are available for coarse sand slurry pump for a variety of pumping applications.
Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Installation Types :
DC Type: The output shaft of a motor is directly connected to the input shaft of a pump via a pump coupler. This type of connection is suitable for applications where the speed of the slurry pump is the same as that of the motor. 
CV Type: The tailing handling slurry pump is driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. This way of connection allows for saving space, easy installation, and fast adjustment of pumping speed. The motor is fixed to the motor support frame which is located on the bearing support above the slurry pump. 
ZV Type: Another type of belt drive that allows easy adjustment of pumping speed. The motor is directly fixed to the bearing support. This way of installation is suitable for motors with larger horsepower than is possible with CV type of installation. Due to the installation of motor onto the bearing support, this method helps save installation space. 
CR Type: This type of belt drive makes it easier to adjust pumping speed. The installation allows both the motor and slurry pump to be fixed to the ground. The motor is installed to the side of the pump. This installation method is suitable for large-power motors.



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