Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump
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Standard Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

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  The standard heavy duty slurry pump is designed to be serviced even during operation and requires less downtime for maintenance procedures - parts are easier to access and adjust than other mud pumps.


  The pump's short housing is easily adaptable to almost any existing foundation, so operators can retrofit existing pumps without the need to invest in expensive modifications to piping, wire and concrete infrastructure.


 Main feature

1. Adjustable oil suction seal - adjusts even when the standard heavy duty slurry pump is running, compensating for  wear and maintaining optimum impeller clearance for optimum performance

2. Split stuffing box - improves accessibility, making package maintenance easier and faster

3. Dual Impeller Adjustment - Provides operators with fast, convenient access to impeller correction

4. Replaceable wet end filter - with a unique tapered impeller shaft that allows the operator to replace parts faster and more efficiently

5. Proprietary technology measures vibration and temperature and signals the user through a flashing red LED when a potential problem is detected. This allows the operator to prevent disasters before they occur.


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