Standard heavy duty slurry pump
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Standard heavy duty slurry pump

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Standard heavy duty slurry pump withstands the most severe slurry applications. Whatever the duty, it’s no challenge for the pump tailored to take on any slurry pumping condition.

Features of Standard heavy duty slurry pump

Standard heavy duty slurry pump are available in an hard metal version and an  rubber lined version. Maintenance slide base options are available for inlet sizes up to 400 mm(16''). Standard heavy duty slurry pump offers a large, heavy duty solids handling pump with excellent performance and low maintenance costs.


The combination of heavy-duty design and rugged construction with the highest quality wear and wear resistant materials ensures long life and trouble-free operation in the most demanding heavy duty applications.


A unique feature of standard heavy duty slurry pumps is optional maintenance slide base makes the pump very easy to service, and the time required to replace worn parts will be less than 50% of the time required for other pumps.

Advantages of standard heavy duty slurry pumps

· Modular design technology

· Robust structure designed for high abrasion, maximum load

· Computer-aided design of thick volute and heavy-duty large-diameter impellers, carefully matched to provide high efficiency, hydraulic, uniform wear

·Maintenance of the sliding base option

· The materials used are the best, providing excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance

· Self-contained bearing sleeve assembly with oversized shaft and anti-friction bearing

· Various shaft seal options

· Easy to maintain


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