Storage and Priming Tips for Self Priming Dirty Water Pumps
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Storage and Priming Tips for Self Priming Dirty Water Pumps

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Storage Tips

1. Rinse the self priming dirty water pump casing with clean water and drain it completely to prevent damage from being frozen.

2. Cover the inlet and outlet to prevent debris from entering during storage.

Self Priming

The term Self Priming is actually an industry term that describes the ability of a self priming dirty water pump to create a partial vacuum by venting air from the intake hose and pump casing. By definition, all centrifugal clean water pumps are self-priming. All self-priming pumps require water to be added to the pump casing to initiate the infusion process.

Priming Tips

1. Place the self priming dirty water pump as close as possible to the water source. Less elevator required will improve start-up time

2. Fill the self-priming dirty water pump tank completely with water (do not operate the centrifugal pump without water in the pump casing)

3. Start the pump engine.

4. Increase the start-up time by partially restricting the discharge hose

5. Turning off the pump will allow water to flow out of the suction hose, requiring per-fusion.

6. If the clean water pump is stopped and the time required for the pump to refill is reduced, a bottom valve at the end of the suction hose prevents water from flowing out of the suction hose.

7. Grinding off the volute, the impeller will reduce the performance of the centrifugal clear water pump and increase the time required to prime the pump. Regular inspection and maintenance of your pump will maintain optimum performance.






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