The Challenges With Pumping Abrasive Slurry
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The Challenges With Pumping Abrasive Slurry

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Since slurries, by definition, contain small particles. Abrasive slurry can be difficult to highly abrasive slurry handling pump as they can quickly wear down pump and pipeline components, especially if the standard mining centrifugal slurry pump is not used most effectively. The most common parts to wear down by abrasive slurries are the pump impeller, wear rings, shaft sleeves, mechanical seal faces, lip seals, and the volute. When pumping slurries, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your pump and pipelines. Run the highly abrasive slurry handling pump as slow as possible without allowing the slurry to settle at the bottom of the pipelines. Slowing down the flow of the slurry will lessen the erosion of pump parts, just be sure the slurry turbulent enough to not settle and potentially clog your lines. Additionally, it is best practice to lower the pump’s discharge pressure to as low as possible, as a higher flow rate creates more potential for wear on the highly abrasive slurry handling pump.

highly abrasive slurry handling pump


Ideally, you want the standard mining centrifugal slurry pump to run at the lowest RPM while at the same time keeping the flow at a high enough rate to not allow the material to settle at the bottom of the pipeline. If you know some information about your project, you can use that information to build a standard mining centrifugal slurry pump curve which will tell you what pump to use and at what power to operate at for optimal pumping. This method helps to remove some of the guesswork, and can quickly put you on a path for selecting the correct pump for your job.

highly abrasive slurry handling pump


Selecting a standard mining centrifugal slurry pump For Slurry


Selecting the right pump for your slurry can be daunting, but obtaining some basic information about the project can go a long way in helping you select a winner. Some key things to know would be characteristics of the slurry, length of the pipeline, vertical head, and flow rate. You can then take this information and use it to guide your pump selection process. The key design aspects to keep in mind when selecting a slurry pump are the type of installation, critical flow rate, total discharge head, and the pump design material.


The most common materials used for the construction of slurry pumps are cast iron, stainless steel, and high chrome steel. Some new heavy duty slurry pump Sets come with an internal lining to better deal with problems of slurry abrasion. The typical elastomers found in the lining material include rubber, polyurethane or neoprene. The selection of lining material depends on the operating temperature, pH of slurry and the presence of specific abrasive fluids used in the pumping process.


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